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Silent Retreat Greece 2021

week 1: Saturday 22 May 2021 - Friday 28 May 2021
Silent Retreat Greece 2021 - 1st Retreat

week 2: Monday 31 May - Sunday 6 June 2021

Silent Retreat Greece 2021 - 2nd Retreat

A silent retreat is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. While your skin is being touched by the sun, you will find complete silence and inner peace like you've never felt before. Our experienced team will guide you in the exploration of silence for body and mind in the breath-taking surroundings of beautiful Greece.

Vegadutchie joined us during our retreat last year; click here to read her report.


"It's one of the best decisions I ever took.
In that week I experienced what it's like to be really quiet and get to know yourself better.
It seems like you don’t have any contact with your traveling companions,
but I never felt so connected with others as during this trip."


We have been traveling in the Wadi Rum (read the experiences here) and Sinai (article Viva, article Financiële Dagblad) for years, but since 3 years we are visiting Greece. We stay in a beautiful location, the Pinakoti Lodge, with a decent silence program which includes daily healing sessions. These daily healings are a complete, personalized, energetic treatment, combining massage, reiki and pressure points. A silent journey is really unique: when you're quiet for a long time, you will reach an inner silence that remains quiet, even when there are sounds around you. The ultimate goal is to make your mind so quiet, that you are able to hear your heart speak. The healings and meditations during our silent retreat are tailor made for you, to help you to centralize your heart and to follow your heart’s path again. This makes sure that your silent retreat will be an intense and healing experience, that will join you for the rest of your life.


We will stay in the beautiful Pinakoti Lodge, a lovely building that offers enough opportunities to be by yourself and spend time all alone if you wish. There is a beautiful large garden and a terrace where we will eat together and enjoy the beautiful weather.
The Pinakoti Lodge is situated in an enchanting, quiet place on top of a mountain. It is located near the Aegean coast, 27 kilometres northwest of Volos, on the peninsula Pilion on the eastern side of the Greek mainland. Pilion is blessed with beautiful nature; beeches, maples, tame chestnuts, figs, pine trees, plane trees and cypresses grow here in very large numbers. The diversity of herbs and flowers is also great. This lush flora is due to the fact that there is so much water around Pilion, with countless streams and springs. Our special location is surrounded by forests with beautiful hiking trails, which we will explore in silence during our week.

Pinakoti Berg

The program during the silent retreat

Week 1: Saturday May 22nd 2021 - Friday May 28th 2021
Week 2: Monday May 31st 2021 - Sunday June 6th 2021

We will start with yoga and meditation every day at sunrise. After a delicious breakfast, we will take a walk in silence through the beautiful nature that surrounds the Pinakoti Lodge.
We will have daily individual healing sessions after lunch, and these daily sessions are all included. These healings are a complete, personalized, energetic treatment of massage, reiki and pressure points. During these healings we can give close attention to aspects that are important for you and thanks to these daily healings, the silent retreat will give you a deep healing effect.

Every evening, after the evening meal, there will be yoga or a Talking Circle, and this is the only moment that it’s allowed to speak during the silent days. A Talking Circle is a tradition that is mostly known by native Americans. Only one person is speaking during a Talking Circle and there can be silent moments. You can laugh or cry; you can share a message from your heart without anyone interrupting or giving an opinion. When you don’t feel the need to talk, you can stay in silence. It’s all good.
On the last day of the retreat we will make a wonderful sailing trip in the beautiful surroundings of the Pinakoti Lodge.

Day 1 Arrival, evening meditation / relaxation exercises
Day 2 - 5  
Sunrise Yoga / Meditation
Morning Breakfast and a walk through the beautiful nature
Afternoon Fresh lunch and individual energetic healings
Evening Vegetarian dinner followed by yoga or a talking circle
Day 6 Free day with sailing trip
Day 7 Departure

Vision Quest

An important aspect of our silent retreat is the Vision Quest. Before the start of our retreat, you will formulate a specific life issue that you want to make clear or need to decide, or an issue that you want to deal with or process. When you submit the silent retreat, you will be asked for your life issue, so that the guides can prepare themselves to help you with it. The continuous meditations and individual healings are tailor made to your own, personal life issue. It is possible that your theme changes during the week, but to think about your theme will help you to guide your inner movement.

Vegetarian meals

All meals are vegetarian with a minimal presence of wheat. You can enjoy goat yogurt, fruits and fresh juices, oatmeal, homemade jam, honey from the nieghbourhoud and eggs from the village. We are using fresh seasonal vegetables from the Lodge, and serving salads with sprouted vegetables. Off course, there will be several traditional Greek dishes, like stuffed tomatoes and peppers, goat cheese eggplant and vegetarian moussaka.

Bedrooms in the Pinakoti Lodge

Each bedroom in the Pinakoti Lodge has its own ambience and is decorated with love and attention. Each room has its own shower and toilet. During this silent retreat you will share a double bedroom with someone of your own gender.

stiltereis griekenland pinakoti lodge

Group size

Personal attention is key to this trip, so the group is never larger than 9 participants. In this way, we can give the optimal attention that belongs to a silent journey.


The guide during this retreat is Toña and she will take care of the daily healing sessions. You can find more information about her at the website headline 'About Us'. She is assisted by a location assistant who provides the meals and guides the tours during the silent walks in the mountains near the Pinakoti Lodge.


Toña takes care of the daily individual healing sessions together with Dora Riga, the owner of Pinakoti Lodge and also a yoga teacher and healer. The healings consist of a complete tailor made energetic treatment (massage, reiki, pressure points). In this way, we can ensure that you will feel at your best during this retreat.


The price of this silent retreat, including healings, is € 1.595, - per person, including the sailing excursion on Sunday. This price excludes flights to Thessaloniki and transfer to the Pinakoti Lodge. In case you need help booking a flight ticket, to can ask travel agent Bianca Soolsma ( to assist you. As soon as there are enough participants for this retreat, we will give you a note so that you can book your flight tickets.
The price is based on a shared double room. You can book a single room for a surcharge of € 249.-


 "The difference with other silent retreats that I joined, is the very personal attention and support and the small scale. This offers a great added value.
It might seem expensive, but it’s a total package and it brings you a lot, especially in our current hectic society in which everything has to be faster.
Even when you think "this is nothing for me", then you really have to do it!
Just take a moment to think about everything that happens in your life, the good or the less good things, and recharge yourself ...
At Healing Space you are in the right place and in safe hands! "


Dates and subscribe

22 mei 2021 Stiltereis Griekenland 2021 - 1e Reis
31 mei 2021 Stiltereis Griekenland 2021 - 2e Reis Vol
25 juli 2021 Couple Retreat Mandali
18 sept 2021 Zweethutceremonie Hoogland


Several media have already written about our Healing Space silent retreats.
You can read an article from VIVA here and an article from the Financieel Dagblad here.
Vegadutchie also wrote about her experiences; click here for her report.

Are you curious about comments and a video about our trip to Wadi Rum in Jordan? You can check this page.

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22 mei 2021 Stiltereis Griekenland 2021 - 1e Reis
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25 juli 2021 Couple Retreat Mandali
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