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Reiki EN

What is Reiki?

The word reiki refers to the energy that is used in a Japanese healing art, called Usui Shiki Ryoho and uses laying on of hands.

"Rei" means sun and is also used to express a kind of respect that is typical for the ancient culture of the East and "ki" is the Japanese word for lifeforce. The Chinese call it chi, and in India it’s called prana or kundalini. It all stands for the energy that helps us to grow and develop on all levels of being. The ki itself can’t be seen with the bare eye, but the effects it causes are undeniable, certainly when you get more experienced with it. This lifeforce is already an inevitable part of your being, instinctively you use it to reduce pain, for example by putting your hand on a sore part of your body, or to comfort someone.

A good question could be, why to do a course in Reiki if it is already so much inside of you. The answer to that is that more awareness about it, helps you to intensify the ki and also to focus it on the right places in your body and mind.

Forms of Healing

During the course you’ve been taught three forms of healing and practice with it. One is the treatment for someone who is lying on a table, one is a short version to treat somebody, on a chair (Reiki First Aid), and most important the selfhealing. The forms of healing are passed on to the students by a reiki teacher, also called Reiki Master.

When reiki is given the ki flows through the healer first before flowing through his/her hands to the person that is healed. In that way actually both the giver and the receiver are healed. This is because of the so called “healingspace”, the field that is created when people touch with the intention of healing. Connecting with this intention also connects you with the source of ki, that is everywhere in and around us and responds immediately when we focus on it. To have faith that it is that way is also a process of experiencing during the reiki exercises. So on one hand you need the faith to commit to this form of healing and on the other hand your faith gets stronger once you have committed to the exercise.


Another matter of faith is to surrender to the initiations during the course. You will be asked to sit down in front of the Reiki Master and close your eyes during this ritual. During these initiations shifts are made in your energy field, which make it possible for you to receive more ki and open the door explicitly to the source of this ki, in the unseen world. In fact every ritual of initiation contains the intention to realign the seen and the unseen world, so that the one is embedded in the other, like the Taoistic symbol of yin and yang shows us.


Whatever the complaint is, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, reiki always goes to the source of the complaint and heals from there. As reiki is a natural form of healing it treats the whole system, all the levels in the system are believed to be intertwined. That means that sometimes complaints are immediately taken away and sometimes a complaint that looks simple, needs more care on another level first to be healed eventually. Another aspect in natural healing is that the vision on health is not merely being free from physical pain. What is more important is the inner peace with which we look to our problems or pains. In that sense, even if you have a physical healthy body, reiki will more and more be a guide in your spiritual development, to become a free spirit.


Usui Shiki Ryoho means the school (ryoho) of Usui’s (the founder of this form of healing) method (shiki). Mikao Usui rediscovered this way of healing at the end of the 19th Century in descriptions of the way of healing that Jesus Christ and Boeddha used. As one of the latest Samurai’s he refined his discovery in a Japanese style, with all it’s simplicity and effectiveness. In this way he had healed great number of people and also passed on the gift and exercises to heal themselves. One of his students, Chujiru Hayashi, took over the responsibility to continue this form after the death of Usui. He has founded two reiki health centers and in one of them Hawayo Takata has been healed from a serious disease in 1935. This drove her to spread reiki for the first time out of the borders of Japan. In 1938 she has been initiated as a reiki master by Hayashi and a few years later he pointed her out as his successor. In the last years of her life Takata trained and initiated 22 reiki masters. Although Mikao Usui had more students then Hayashi, the spiritual lineage of Usui-Hayashi-Takata are reknown by the largest part of the reiki population. The form that they passed on is referred to as the traditional way of Usui Shiki Ryoho. Nowadays there is no part of the world where this form of reiki is not used.

Three degrees

The Usui system has three degrees:

In the First degree, the Sho Den, you train yourself to focus the energy in your hands to heal, mainly yourself, by laying on of your hands .

In the second degree, the Oku Den (the inner temple) you learn techniques that intensify and refine your healing touch, but also they enable you to go beyond the boundaries of your physical body to bring healing energy to people on distance and situations in the here and now, or the past or the future. The key to this is to connect from the essence of your being with essence of your purpose of healing.

To earn the Master degree (Sinpiden) it is asked of you to “live reiki” in all matters of your life. The way you deal with money, relationships and your spiritual awareness. Faith and integrity in all these aspects are tested.

When finished this training, your are allowed to initiate others in the first and second degree of reiki. To train a master, you need to be a master yourself for at least five years.

Practical details of the Reiki I (Sho Den) course

This course takes place in four dayparts (mostly a weekend). Costs: €200,-. You can find the dates on the website under the button "Reiki I".

Practical details of the Reiki II (Oku Den) course

For those who connect with the reiki flow deeply, reiki is considered a spiritual discipline. The healing aspect of this discipline gets stronger as your spiritual awareness expands. The Oku Den means, “the inner temple” or “the deeper knowing”.

This course can take place 90 days after taken the first course and with having practiced reiki regularly meanwhile. During this course you learn to work with symbols, that enable you to give treatments on distance. The forms of healing that you are already used to get stronger.

You learn to focus directly on things that block you and on your wishes. With the symbols you get access to the mental self (by yourself as well as by others). Negative “programs” that keep you from receiving positive energy will be easily transformed. Moving along this way, you also learn which wishes belong to the path of your heart.

This course will be given in groups of maximum four people during one evening (18.00-21.00) and the following day (10.00-16.00). When the course is done individually, it takes place in one day 10.00-16.00).

The cost of this course is € 550,-

You can apply online under the Reik II button. All our planned dates for these courses are announced on our website, but you can always ask for a date.


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